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Using Technology To:

Increase Profit By Understanding Customers Patterns Increase Profit By Marketing to Individuals not faceless names Increase Profit Through Efficient Process

Our Strategy

Frequently asked questions

We dont get paid if you dont get paid! We are so confident of our skills and tools, that we do not receive any payment until you achive your goals of increased revenue, or lower costs!

Our cost structure is negotated with you based on the work load we perceive is needed and the increased level of sales or cost reduction desired. Since we will to spend the hours, secure in our abilities and tools, we do require your agreement to perform the changes that are presented in the package and laid out in the presentations and subsaquent agreements

We use complex and powerfull "big data" tools as well as the simplicity of basic business common sence. We allow the facts to drive our decisions.
We iterate, slowley, until we find the exact formula combination of web, email, mail and offers, by types of of demographics and customers spending habits. All that work around and with your unique customer base.

We thrive on repeatability, leading to consistant revenue growth.

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